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Devra First

Devra First is the Globe’s food writer and restaurant critic. She writes features about the world of food, restaurant reviews, and critical pieces exploring the cultural and societal meaning of food and restaurants.

First has worked at the Globe as a writer and editor since 2000. She was previously the Globe’s food editor. She has also served as assistant arts editor in the Globe’s Living/Arts department and worked at the Boston Phoenix (RIP). First is originally from New York.

Latest stories


It’s fall in New England. Please enjoy this Brussels sprout latte.

By , Globe Staff

A tongue-in-cheek guide to the region’s autumnal delights.

Dining Out

Chickadee is off to a flying start in the Seaport

By , Globe Staff

As a neighborhood rises up, we’ve got the most-polished opening Boston has seen in some time.

It’s an all-day cafe! It’s a Chinese restaurant!

By , Globe Staff

At the adjacent Vester and Dumpling Daughter, the concepts may not be related, but the people behind them are sisters.

What She’s Having

Rabottini’s: The pop-up pizzeria in Lower Allston that stole my heart

By , Globe Staff

Embrace impermanence with the glorious pies at Rabottini’s, open through December. (And hope it finds its forever home soon.)