Felice J. Freyer

Felice J. Freyer covers health policy and public health. She joined the Globe in 2014 after years as the medical writer for The Providence Journal, where she was awarded the “Master Reporter” award from the New England Association of Newspaper Editors. She is a board member and treasurer of the Association of Health Care Journalists.

Latest stories

Nobel laureates cracked the mysteries of sleep-wake cycles

By Felice J. Freyer , Globe Staff

Their work revealed the cellular mechanisms underlying the ability to keep time with the earth’s rotation.

How much battering can a brain take?

By Felice J. Freyer , Globe Staff

A Worcester researcher is mapping how brain tissue stretches during hits to the head, in the hope of someday predicting and preventing sports injury.

Recovery for women in acid attack depends on where, how deeply they were burned

By Felice J. Freyer , Globe Staff

Little is known about the Boston College students’ injuries, but the fact they were not hospitalized is a good sign.

Magnetic pulses into the brain? They’re an established treatment for depression, and getting easier to find

By Felice J. Freyer , Globe Staff

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is coming into wider use as insurance coverage improves and private practices acquire the device.