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Marcela García

Marcela García writes editorials -- the daily unsigned essays representing the official view of the Boston Globe as a community institution -- and is a member of the Globe editorial board. García has been part of the op-ed and editorial pages since early 2014.

Previously, she was a correspondent for Telemundo Boston, a special contributor to the Boston Business Journal, and the editor of El Planeta, Boston’s largest Spanish-language publication.

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Momentous SJC immigration ruling still needs legislative support


The state may not be able to stop outrageous immigration policy, but there’s never been a more important time to declare it won’t help them, either.


Update Mass. laws to break child sexual abuse cycle


Massachusetts state Senator Joan B. Lovely was sexually abused as a 6-year-old by a maternal uncle, trauma that ultimately has led her to file comprehensive legislation to protect kids.


Boston’s underground vulnerabilities need fixing


The costs of water main breaks to businesses and residents are all too real.

Opinion | Marcela García

Sorry, Elizabeth Warren. Hillary needs a Latino Veep

By Marcela García ,

Democrats need minority voters to overwhelmingly support them in November.