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Marcela García

Marcela García writes editorials -- the daily unsigned essays representing the official view of the Boston Globe as a community institution -- and is a member of the Globe editorial board. García has been part of the op-ed and editorial pages since early 2014.

Previously, she was a correspondent for Telemundo Boston, a special contributor to the Boston Business Journal, and the editor of El Planeta, Boston’s largest Spanish-language publication.

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Ideas | Marcela García

‘Roma’ expone el secreto más siniestro de México

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En la era de Trump, el racismo americano y el racismo mexicano pudieran ser materia y antimateria. ¿Cómo pueden existir los dos al mismo tiempo?

Ideas | Marcela García

‘Roma’ exposes Mexico’s darkest secret

By , Globe Staff

In the age of Trump, American racism and Mexican racism can seem like matter and antimatter. How can both exist at the same time?


Beyond sanctuary: A chain of helpers offers practical ways to support immigrants

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The local action represents a new stage in the immigration battle, one that goes well beyond the symbolism of being a sanctuary city.

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An immigrant braces for upheaval after two decades in America

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I have a lot in common with the woman who cleans our offices, but while I just became a US citizen, her status is precarious.