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Jon Garelick

Jon Garelick is a multiplatform editor for the Globe opinion pages and a member of the Editorial Board. He joined the Globe in March 2015. A graduate of Boston University, he was previously arts editor of the Boston Phoenix, where he worked for 22 years, until its closing in March 2013. He is the winner of two ASCAP Deems Taylor Awards for his writing about music, and an award from the New England Press Association for news reporting.

Latest stories

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Trump is pushing the student loan system to the brink of failure

By Alan Collinge ,

Trump’s policies could push an already struggling student loan system toward complete failure.

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Mueller appointment threatens Trump — and saves the GOP

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The appointment of Robert Mueller endangers Trump while sparing Republicans the worst.

Gina Scaramella

Sexual harassment needs to be a firing offense

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The most incredible thing about the Fox News-Bill O’Reilly story is just how common it is.


Shooting from the wrong end

By Jon Garelick ,

The image with Scot Lehigh’s column “is of the wrong end of the animal.” — Adam Villone