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Patrick Garvin

Patrick Garvin builds interactive projects for to the Globe’s storytelling team.

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Graphic: How Kennedy changed gay rights in America

By and Saurabh Datar , Globe Staff

Justice Anthony Kennedy has authored many of the significant rulings on LGBTQ rights over the past two decades. Here is a look at those cases.

Majority of US voters oppose separating parents from their children, poll says

By , Globe Staff

A majority of American voters oppose the policy of separating children and parents when families illegally cross the US-Mexico border.

10 things to know about LGBTQ Pride month

By , Globe Staff

Cities across New England (and the country) will be playing host to parades, festivals, and other events for LGBTQ communities.

Tale of the Tape: Patriots vs. Eagles

By , Globe Staff

How the Patriots and Eagles stack up, stat by stat.