Patrick Garvin

Garvin is a graphic artist in the Editorial Design department. He creates maps, charts, diagrams, timelines and other data visualizations for stories in every section of The Boston Globe and

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When a celebrity comes out, we judge. Why is that fair?

By , Globe staff

Barry Manilow’s disclosure, and the reaction to it in social media, shows that people who are straight and people who are not don’t face the same questions.

Graphic: Are Tom Brady’s stats MVP-worthy?

By Tommy Piatchek and , Globe Staff

Take a closer look at Brady’s numbers in the 2016 season.


George Michael’s work had a unique, profound effect on LGBTQ people

By , Globe Staff

For members of the LGBTQ community, Michael was more than a singer or celebrity.

History of the proposed Green Line extension

By Nicole Dungca and , Globe Staff

Plans for the project date back decades.