Matthew Gilbert

Gilbert has been the TV critic at the Globe since 1998. He has also written about TV for Slate, appeared on NPR, and been managing editor at the Boston Review.

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Ah ‘Dexter,’ we knew ye too well

By , Globe Staff

“Dexter,” now 10, began as a fascinatingly twisted TV story, but it ended eight seasons later as a model of how to ruin a show by pushing it far beyond its natural life.

Buzzsaw | Matthew Gilbert

‘The Night Of’ could be just ‘Law & Order,’ but it’s so much better than that

By , Globe Staff

The HBO show offers proof that the crime procedural can triumph when the right writers and actors are on the case.

TV Critic’s Corner

Debbie Gibson as a high-school music teacher?

By , Globe Staff

Debbie Gibson stars as a fading 1980s pop star in “Summer of Dreams” on Hallmark.

The Ticket: TV

By , Globe Staff

TV critic Matthew Gilbert’s picks for viewing this week.