Matthew Gilbert

Gilbert has been the TV critic at the Globe since 1998. He has also written about TV for Slate, appeared on NPR, and been managing editor at the Boston Review.

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Is there a truth for our times in this TV savagery?

By , Globe Staff

There is something about the visions of barbarism depicted on several current series that seems oddly and frighteningly apropos.

TV Critic’s Corner

The week in TV

By , Globe Staff

“American Crime Story” is thinking Monica Lewinsky thoughts, “Will & Grace” is indeed returning to NBC, plus three more takeaways from the week in TV.

Television review

Cry me an ocean: The remake of ‘Beaches’ overflows with melodrama

By , Globe Staff

There aren’t any ennobling gusts of inspiration lurking beneath the Lifetime movie’s wings.

On Inauguration Day, you can vote Knope

By , Globe Staff

While the presidency changes hands in Washington, Esquire TV will rebroadcast all of season four of “Parks and Recreation.”