Meredith Goldstein

Goldstein is an entertainment reporter and advice columnist for The Boston Globe and Her advice column Love Letters runs daily on and appears in The Boston Globe on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. The Names column, which Goldstein writes with Mark Shanahan, runs Monday through Friday and every Sunday in the paper. She welcomes letters from the lovelorn -- and all tips about celebrities spotted around Boston.

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Love Letters

How nice does she have to be?

By , Globe Staff

How friendly do I have to be with my boyfriend’s ex? They have three kids together, so the connection between them is here to stay. But I’ve never been in this situation before and it’s awkward and uncomfortable from my perspective.


Annie Weatherwax visits ‘All We Had’ set

By , Globe Staff

The Roslindale author was in New York this week to meet up with Katie Holmes, who’s directing and starring in an adaptation of Weatherwax’s 2014 novel.


‘Golden Girls Live!’ preps for 1,000th show

By , Globe Staff

On Friday, “Golden Girls Live!,” will celebrate its 1,000th performance.


Joe Jonas set for Foxwoods gig

By , Globe Staff

Joe Jonas has signed on to appear at Liquid Sundays at Foxwoods on Sept. 6.