Beth Healy

Beth Healy is a financial and investigative reporter for the Globe. She has covered numerous industry scandals, from the MBTA pension system’s hidden hedge fund losses and secret dealings to the financial crisis and the Madoff fraud. Other in-depth stories detailed the abuse of domestic workers and immigrant construction workers by employers; the $3 billion TelexFree global fraud; a slew of botched state IT contracts; and the travails of the Harvard endowment.

During a past stint on the Globe’s Spotlight Team, she contributed to the “Debtors’ Hell” series, which exposed debt collectors hounding consumers and clogging the state’s small claims courts, and was a Pulitzer finalist. She was part of the team that shed light on self-dealing at charitable foundations, and investigated suicides in the state’s prisons. She contributed to the book “The Real Romney,” helping examine Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital career when he ran for president.

Latest stories

Anxiety drains from stock markets as FBI ends Clinton e-mail probe

By , Globe Staff

Stocks surged, reversing the S&P 500’s longest slump since 1980.

Former Fenway Health doctor resigns medical license

By , Globe Staff

Dr. Harvey J. Makadon, dismissed last year for allegedly sexually harassing and bullying co-workers, has resigned his license to practice medicine.

Fenway doctor accused of harassment leaves 2 more posts

By , Globe Staff

Harvey Makadon, dismissed from Fenway Community Health Center after previous sexual harassment allegations, faces three new accusers.

Fenway Health Center directors ‘eager for change’

By , Globe Staff

In an open letter to patients, staff, and donors posted on Fenway’s website Wednesday, the directors said, “We cannot change the circumstances that have brought us to this point. However, there is tremendous learning as a result of being where we are.”