Evan Horowitz

Evan Horowitz has been the Globe’s resident explainer since 2014, writing the “Quick Study” column and endeavoring to make complex topics comprehensible and lively.

Before joining the Globe, Evan worked at a think tank focused on the Massachusetts state budget. And prior to that, he was a professor of literature, focused on 19th century British and French authors.

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Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

Why a little inflation isn’t a bad thing

By , Globe Staff

Inflation can stimulate spending and make it easier for the Fed to tackle a recession.


Go a few more miles in your career

By , Globe Staff

A new study finds that even robust retirement savings can’t match the benefits of working a little longer.

Evan Horowitz | quick study

Market correction: a blip, or a sign of something grim

By , Globe Staff

Some stock market corrections are quickly forgotten, others are dark portents.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

As the federal budget deficit rises, so do the risks

By , Globe Staff

Republicans and Democrats seem to have finally found something they agree on: Deficits are no big deal.