Sally Jacobs

Jacobs is a projects reporter who has worked for the Globe since 1988. During her time at the Globe she has covered local, national and international news and also worked for the Globe Magazine. She recently completed her first book, “The Other Barack, The Bold and Reckless life of Barack Obama’s Father.”

Latest stories

Cubans brace for coming wave as US relations thaw

By , Globe Staff

Broader connections with the US and the wider world could be momentous, but “all Cuban people are scared of change,” one woman said.

Fighting the lure of the galaxy of jihad

By , Globe Staff

The Justice Department has launched a program in Boston to counter the lure of violent extremism spread by social media.

Amid storms, snow blower owners feeling the power

By , Globe Staff

Snow blower wranglers are masters of their environment. Well, at least, that is how they see it.

For Ashton Carter, a perennial search for balance

By , Globe Staff

The defense secretary nominee has been described as neither a dove nor a hawk, but an independent-minded owl.