Carolyn Y. Johnson

Johnson joined the Health team as a science writer in 2008. She also has covered telecommunications and tech culture for the Business section. Johnson was a physics and English major at Amherst College and earned her master’s degree in science writing from MIT.

Latest stories

Ancient Mars lake could be prime target in search for life

By , Globe Staff

The lake once measured roughly the area of Lake Champlain and was more than 500 feet deep.

Harvard microbiologist on the case to save artifacts

By , Globe staff

When things begin to fall apart, people call Ralph Mitchell to figure out what to do.

Papers from MIT cancer biologist’s lab retracted

By , Globe Staff

The papers on how breast cancer spreads were retracted because the data were improperly patched together from different experiments.

Science in Mind

Researchers track sea turtles’ migration away from N.E.

By , Globe Staff

An exhaustive four-year tagging project has for the first time given scientists a detailed look at their wanderings.