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Sheryl Julian

Julian is the food editor for the Globe, and was the longtime food writer and stylist for the Globe magazine. She trained at the Cordon Bleu schools in London and Paris and has edited or authored several books, including “The Way We Cook.”

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seasonal recipe

Recipe for creamy hummus


The secret to this creamy hummus is Soom tahini.

Cooking tip from food editor Sheryl Julian


Last call for Brussels sprouts. Once asparagus and artichokes take over, the little sprouts will disappear from menus and nightly suppers. Before you bid them adieu, glaze a panful of the little green rounds: Halve them, steam for 4 minutes or until almost tender. In a skillet with 2 tablespoons hot olive oil, lay the sprouts, cut sides down, and cook 2 minutes or until browned. Turn and cook until tender. Mix 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard with 1 tablespoon honey and add to the sprouts with salt and pepper. Cook 1 minute more, stirring constantly.

seasonal recipe

Recipe for Passover matzo-apple pudding


It resembles a noodle kugel, but uses matzo farfel or broken-up sheets of matzo.

Cheap Eats

A local eatery in Watertown finding its way

By , Globe Staff

There’s some fine cooking at Royal, A Local Eatery, in Watertown, and some that isn’t as gutsy as you might expect.