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Hayley Kaufman

Kaufman has worked at the Globe as a reporter, columnist, and editor since 1999. As the Globe’s deputy living editor, she oversees three “g” feature sections a week, including Thursday Style, and edits the Names page. A California native and UC Davis graduate, Kaufman was previously managing editor of Stuff and Stuff@Night magazines, a staff writer at Boston magazine, and editor of the Cambridge Tab and other local newspapers.

Latest stories

Digital transgender archive launches at Holy Cross

By Cristela Guerra , Globe Staff

Organizers believe it is the first time such a trove of transgender-related digital material has been available.


Will AMC miniseries make Tom Hiddleston a household name?

By , Globe Staff

Brit Tom Hiddleston has remained fairly anonymous to the masses. But that may be about to change.

5 things baby doesn’t need

By Aprill Brandon , Globe Correspondent

Babies need things and the baby shower is the most convenient way to get these things. But don’t register for every baby-related product.

hot ticket

Tico spices up late night

By Kara Baskin , Globe Correspondent

Slip into Michael Schlow’s Tico after hours Thursdays through Saturdays for a new Peruvian-Japanese mash-up menu.

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