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Hayley Kaufman is an editor on the express desk with a focus on culture and lifestyle news.

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Why the shade garden is so underrated — and how to create your own

By Adrian Higgins , The Washington Post

Artfully planted and groomed, it is the most sheltered and cocooning place to be. The hallmark of the shade garden, one horticulturalist says, is its ‘‘intimacy.’’

Writing letters may improve kids’ writing skills — and that’s not the only benefit

By Jaci Conry , Globe Staff

Most people text or e-mail, but the old school way of writing things by hand carries more meaning with it and helps kids develop their communication skills.


Michael Scelfo to open third Harvard Square restaurant in Cafe Algiers space

By , Globe Staff

The chef-owner will transform the Cafe Algiers space in a restaurant called Longfellow.


After black widow bites 5 year old, parents on alert

By , Globe Staff

Could you identify a black-widow spider bite if you saw one?