Assistant Washington Editor

Michael Kranish

Michael Kranish is deputy chief of the Boston Globe’s Washington bureau. Kranish has covered national politics, the White House, and Congress. He co-authored the Globe’s biography of Senator John F. Kerry and authored a book about Thomas Jefferson.

Latest stories

Divided Nation

Old battle lines drawn anew in Kansas

By , Globe Staff

In the state where “separate but equal” died, the governor’s bet on supply-side economics imperils school gains.

Stakes high for John Kerry on Iran nuclear deal

By , Globe Staff

The secretary of state has invested so much in negotiations that they could shape his legacy, for better or worse, analysts say.

A look at nation’s vast wealth gap, in sharp relief

By Michael Kranish , Globe Staff

The chasm between the super-rich and the working poor is widely seen as the greatest division in America. Yet there is no consensus on what to do.

Jeb Bush shaped by troubled Phillips Academy years

By , Globe Staff

Bush almost ran aground at the Andover prep school, and it would take four years for him to straighten out.