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Michael Kranish

Michael Kranish is deputy chief of the Boston Globe’s Washington bureau. Kranish has covered national politics, the White House, and Congress. He co-authored the Globe’s biography of Senator John F. Kerry and authored a book about Thomas Jefferson.

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divided nation

In Northwest, a question of tax cuts or education

By , Globe Staff

Officials and voters in Washington state are contending with schools that need funding and companies that demand tax breaks.

Primary Memories

Recalling Fred Thompson’s unlikely story

By , Globe Staff

Thompson, who died Sunday, rose against seemingly impossible odds to become a candidate for president, US senator, and actor.

divided nation

Amid ouster cries, immigrants aid economic rebound in Iowa

By , Globe Staff

Waterloo, Iowa, has made a remarkable recovery in recent years, in part due to the contributions of immigrant workers.

From the archives | September 30, 2007

Thompson’s early crisis led to a dramatic turnaround

By , Globe staff

The former US senator’s early personal trials wound up turning around his life and leading him on a path to success.