Kay Lazar

Lazar is a health reporter who focuses on aging, sports medicine, and public health. Her experience combines more than two decades of print and broadcast reporting. She previously worked as a news writer and producer at ABC and CBS radio networks.

Latest stories

Steady growth seen in medical marijuana use

By , Globe Staff

The benefits continue to be debated, but one picture coming into focus is the burgeoning number seeking the product.

Ninth Mass. resident diagnosed with West Nile virus

By , Globe Staff

The woman, who was not identified, likely was infected locally, but did not require hospitalization, officials said.

New Lyme disease center at Spaulding treats lingering symptoms

By , Globe Staff

More than 50 have been treated, and the center’s leaders say the patients — not the politics — will remain their focus.

Eighth Mass. resident infected with West Nile

By , Globe Staff

The Middlesex County woman is in her 80s and has been hospitalized.