Kay Lazar

Lazar is a health reporter who focuses on aging, sports medicine, and public health. Her experience combines more than two decades of print and broadcast reporting. She previously worked as a news writer and producer at ABC and CBS radio networks.

Latest stories

Crash casts worrisome shadow for treatment advocates

By , Globe Staff

Advocates worry that reports that Andreas Lubitz had been treated for depression may stigmatize mental health treatment.

Researchers seek to short-circuit Alzheimer’s

By , Globe Staff

A landmark study is the first medical trial to test whether a drug can prevent the disease in people who are at risk.

Angelina Jolie’s latest medical decision resonates with women

By Cristela Guerra and , Globe Staff

While gathering information is important, experts — and Jolie herself — caution against making hasty medical decisions.

As nursing homes close, residents scramble to find alternatives

By , Globe Staff

A law passed last summer to provide public comment about the closing or sale of nursing homes has not been put into effect.