Michael Levenson

Michael Levenson is a general assignment reporter, with an interest in stories about politics, personalities, history, nature, and art. He previously reported for the City Hall and State House bureaus. A graduate of Wesleyan University, he covered Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign, the 2009 Boston mayoral election, and the 2010 governor’s race, and has written about topics ranging from a caterpillar invasion that devastated Cape Cod to Donald Trump’s fascination with conspiracy theories.

Latest stories

Methuen police misled Spanish-speaking drivers suspected of DUI, lawsuit says

By , Globe Staff

The suit claims the Methuen Police Department had known for more than three years that a translation of drivers’ rights given to OUI suspects was incorrect.

In East Boston, Amazon bid stirs anxiety as well as excitement

By , Globe Staff

As Boston and Revere bid to bring Amazon to Suffolk Downs, there’s a sense of excitement — but also worry about gentrification and congestion.

Millions of women say ‘Me too’ about sexual harassment

By and , Globe Staff

A Twitter effort exploded Monday, with women from all walks of life testifying to their experience being sexually harassed or assaulted.

For local Koreans, anxiety comes with a generational divide

By , Globe Staff

Younger Koreans seem more apt to downplay Kim Jong Un’s threats than their elders, who know of war’s hardships firsthand.