Michael Levenson

Michael Levenson is a general assignment reporter, with an interest in stories about politics, personalities, history, nature, and art. He previously reported for the City Hall and State House bureaus. A graduate of Wesleyan University, he covered Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign, the 2009 Boston mayoral election, and the 2010 governor’s race, and has written about topics ranging from a caterpillar invasion that devastated Cape Cod to Donald Trump’s fascination with conspiracy theories.

Latest stories

Shock, cheers, and anguish, as historians witness increasing demands for the removal of Confederate monuments

By , Globe Staff

The increasing calls for the removal of Confederate statues have touched off an anguished debate among historians worried about obliterating public memory of the Jim Crow era, when most of the most of the monuments were built.

Solar eclipse brings Boston together in communal stargazing

By and , Globe Staff

Despite not being in the “path of totality,” Greater Boston nevertheless paused for a moment of celestial wonderment on Monday.

Who are ‘antifa’ activists and how do they operate?

By , Globe Staff

Antifascist organizers argue that white supremacism is so dangerous that it has to be confronted directly with force or it will spread further into the mainstream.

‘Boston does not want you here,’ Walsh says of hate groups

By and , Globe Staff

Mayor Martin Walsh spoke at a press conference Monday afternoon with Governor Charlie Baker and community leaders to address the issue.