Annie Linskey

Annie Linskey is a national political reporter in The Globe’s Washington, D.C. bureau. She has covered the White House and campaign finance for Bloomberg News. Before that she spent nine years at the Baltimore Sun writing about crime, city government, and state politics.

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Forget scenic traditions — Trump vacations in the land of spray tans

By and , Globe Staff

The president’s New Jersey golf club is a pitching-wedge shot away from trucks barreling past on I-78.

Trump wages a broad effort to roll back gains of transgender people

By , Globe Staff

Trump’s 180-degree shift in military policy toward transgender personnel, which he announced in series of three tweets, was his most aggressive move so far.

GOP misread Trump victory as mandate to gut health care

By , Globe Staff

The president instinctively understood the pitfalls, when he promised that he would not touch Medicare and Medicaid.

From Andrew Johnson to Nixon, Massachusetts has historic impeachment role

By , Globe Staff

The Commonwealth has a tradition when it comes to commanders in chief: deposing them. Or at least trying to.