Annie Linskey

Annie Linskey is a national political reporter in The Globe’s Washington, D.C. bureau. She has covered the White House and campaign finance for Bloomberg News. Before that she spent nine years at the Baltimore Sun writing about crime, city government, and state politics.

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From disbelief to dismissal, Alabama women who support Roy Moore have their reasons

By , Globe Staff

Women interviewed by the Globe excuse Moore’s behavior as more a boorish phase in his past than predatory, if they believe the allegations at all.

Bannon riles up Moore’s backers, and pokes at Mitt Romney

By , Globe Staff

In Alabama, the former White House adviser took a shot at Mitt Romney, saying he won a draft deferment because of his religion.

What happens when the Clintons’ sparkle fades?

By , Globe Staff

There was a time not that long ago when the Clinton name sparkled in Democratic circles — but as Hillary Clinton returns to Boston Tuesday, the shine isn’t quite so bright.

Trump supports Moore in Alabama despite allegations

By , Globe Staff

President Trump offered support for Roy Moore, who has been accused of pursuing sexual relations with girls as young as 14.