Kathy McCabe

McCabe is a staff reporter at Globe North. She joined the staff in 2002, after working as a Globe correspondent. She writes on a variety of subjects, including local government, community development, religion, and small businesses.

Latest stories

Army Captain Douglas Morrison from Framingham is the face of the modern soldier

By , Globe Staff

“I kind of view what I do as the highest form of community service that I could possibly do.”

Hundreds gather to decry desecration of Holocaust memorial

By , Globe Staff

A memorial in Lynn was discovered desecrated with pieces of raw pork earlier this week.

Jim Doherty of Holbrook makes sure latest era of vets welcome

By , Globe Staff

“I saw a lot of action in the sky . . . I got shot at a lot. I shot back a lot.”

WWII vet Bob Fuller of Melrose proudly remembers

By , Globe Staff

“I say a prayer [at Memorial Day ceremonies] every year that they should not be forgotten.”