Sean P. Murphy

In 30 years at the Globe, Sean P. Murphy has worked as a general assignment reporter, an enterprise reporter, the federal court reporter, an investigative reporter, the casino and gambling reporter and, now, the consumer advocacy reporter. He is also a law school graduate and part-time journalism professor.

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Denied a chance to say goodbye to an old friend

By , Globe Staff

When Thelma Kaminsky died last month at age 87, no friends gathered in her building to grieve and pay their respects. The managers of her building wouldn’t allow it.

The Fine Print

Pay attention to the tiny type when opening — and closing — a money market account

By , Globe Staff

Let’s say you open an interest-bearing money market account with a $10,000 deposit. Two weeks later, you close the account. Question: How much is the check for?

Sean P. Murphy | The Fine Print

Ripped off by phantom rentals on Craigslist

By , Globe Staff

For almost a year, a parade of would-be vacationers has arrived at the front door of a lovely two-family house in Provincetown.

Sean P. Murphy | The Fine Print

An inheritance damaged by delayed property taxes

By , Globe Staff

Barry Arntz thought he and his sister owned the house passed down to them by their deceased mother “free and clear” — no mortgages, no liens, no encumbrances of any sort.