Leon Neyfakh

Leon Neyfakh is the Globe’s Ideas reporter. He writes about new research and thought coming out of academia. He was previously a reporter at the New York Observer.

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Cuba, you owe us $7 billion

By Leon Neyfakh , Globe staff

Behind the trade embargo lies a huge and nearly forgotten obstacle: the still-active property claims by American companies.


Not your grandpa’s labor union

By Leon Neyfakh , Globe Staff

As “employee” and “employer” become hazy categories, experiments in worker advocacy are replacing unions as we’ve known them.

Todashev reports detail a confession, then chaos

By Maria Sacchetti, Maria Cramer and Leon Neyfakh , Globe Staff

The files offer the first official details of the violent confrontation between a FBI agent and Todashev in more than 10 months since the shooting.


The custom justice of ‘problem-solving courts’

By Leon Neyfakh , Globe Staff

A new kind of court is reshaping the American legal system — with little oversight.