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Rebecca Ostriker

As Arts Editor, Ostriker oversees movie, music, theater, art, dance, and TV coverage. A Harvard grad, she won a New York Times Co. Punch Award for editing the Globe’s 2010 special-issue magazine on the Museum of Fine Arts’ new wing.

Latest stories

album review | DOOM METAL

With the Dead, ‘With the Dead’

By Steve Smith , Globe Staff

You bet the members of this doom-metal supergroup hold a grudge, resulting in a debut that’s suitably sludgy and morose, yet maintains a surprisingly regal bearing.

Movie Review

Capturing Paul Taylor, a choreographer in motion

By , Globe Staff

The documentary “Paul Taylor: Creative Domain” gives viewers a rare glimpse into the creative process of a genius of modern dance.


Sabina, ‘Toujours’

By , Globe Staff

On Sabina Sciubba’s album “Toujours,” the songs are sparer, she’s picked up a scratchy electric guitar, and there’s air around her low, enigmatic voice.


ART’s ‘All the Way’ is Broadway-bound

By , Globe Staff

American Repertory Theater’s “All the Way,” which is now enjoying a sold-out run through Oct. 12 starring Bryan Cranston, is going all the way to Broadway.