State House Bureau Chief

Frank Phillips

Frank Phillips is a veteran Massachusetts political journalist, having covered Massachusetts politics and state government for the Boston Globe since 1987. He has been at the center of most every major political story, campaign, and scandal in the last nearly four decades. He has written extensively about the careers of the state’s leading political figures, including John F. Kerry, Edward M. Kennedy, Paul Tsongas, Michael Dukakis, William F. Weld, Mitt Romney, Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker. He has served as the chief of the Globe’s State House bureau since 1991.

He began his career at the Lowell Sun 48 years ago where he spent a decade covering city politics and working as an investigative reporter. He has also worked as a political reporter for the Boston Herald and the Boston Herald American.

Latest stories

Geoff Diehl to back Baker team’s candidate in race for state GOP chairman

By , Globe Staff

“I am shocked,” said state Representative Jim Lyons of Andover, a conservative who had toyed with the idea of seeking the post but deferred to Diehl.

Geoff Diehl has decided not to run for state GOP chairman after all

By , Globe Correspondent

State Representative Geoff Diehl, this year’s failed GOP candidate for US Senate, won’t lead the state Republican Party, a major boost for Governor Charlie Baker.

A Trump ally is prepping a run for Mass. GOP chair. That could make life difficult for Baker

By , Globe Correspondent

Governor Charlie Baker faces a strong challenge from conservative factions who appear to be coalescing behind a pro-Trump, former US Senate candidate, Geoff Diehl, for party chair.

Nasty e-mails, threats, and why two antiabortion candidates are fighting over Charlie Baker

By , Globe Staff

It came to a head last week when State Representative Jim Lyons barred Scott Lively — after initially inviting him — from his reelection kickoff.