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Ground Game

In 2020, Bernie Sanders must win the N.H. primary. Elizabeth Warren stands in his way

By , Globe Staff

US Senator Bernie Sanders enters the 2020 presidential race with political advantages that his rivals could only dream of having. But he also has one major obstacle.

For first time, Moulton says he is thinking about running for president

By , Globe Staff

A Moulton spokesman said there are currently no plans to visit any early presidential primary states.

First in name only? N.H. primary insiders fret over status of presidential contest

By , Globe Staff

Instead of celebrating a big milestone scheduled to take place one year from Monday, the state’s political poobahs are expressing unprecedented anxiety.

James Pindell | Ground Game

Is Warren the best Democrat to beat Trump? Her speech didn’t show it

By , Globe Staff

By far the top priority for Democratic voters, according to a CNN poll out this week, is a candidate who has a “good chance to beat Trump.”