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Christina Prignano

As a news editor on the Boston Globe’s website, Christina Prignano oversees updates to the homepage of and also coordinates digital breaking news coverage. Before becoming a news editor in 2016, she worked as a web producer focusing on breaking news and politics. She joined the Globe in 2012 from MassINC and CommonWealth magazine.

Latest stories

Michael Bloomberg to spend at least $80 million to help Democrats win the House in November

By Alexander Burns , The New York Times

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he will work to support Democrats running for seats in the House of Representatives this fall.

Amy Poehler is not interested in your Q&A

By , Globe staff

The “Parks and Rec” star used a lighthearted Q&A in the “Hollywood Reporter” to draw attention to some heavy political issues.

President Trump praises Kim and says he’s ‘solved’ problems with North Korea

By , Globe staff

When Kim Jong Un speaks, ‘‘his people sit up for attention. I want my people to do the same,” Trump said.

Here’s the deal with IHOP’s flip to ‘IHOb’

By Brian J. White and , Globe staff

After a week of teasing, the venerable breakfast chain announced what the “b” stands for.