Deputy Managing Editor, Ideas

Dante Ramos

Ramos is the editor of the Ideas section. He also writes a regular opinion column. He previously served as deputy editorial page editor, and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2014 for his editorials on how a buttoned-down culture limits Boston’s vitality. He came to the Globe in 2006 from The Times-Picayune in New Orleans.

Latest stories

Dante Ramos

In Boston, we’ll decode your DNA, but transit is hopeless?

By , Globe Columnist

For people who live away from the T’s four core lines, the path forward is murky.


Can #MeToo save the American worker?

By , Globe Columnist

Revelations of sexual misconduct have drawn much-needed attention to the private corporate justice system that lets abusive companies off the hook.

Dante Ramos

Take the low road in Allston

By , Globe Columnist

If we don’t make smart investments now, future generations will wonder: What on earth were they thinking?


‘Incel Rebellion’? How maladjustment becomes a movement

By , Globe Staff

What researchers call the “failure to launch” can be a destabilizing influence in society.