Steven A. Rosenberg

Rosenberg is a reporter for the Globe North section. At the Globe, he has covered politics, business, homelessness, and the fishing industry.

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In a snap, living his football dream

By , Globe Staff

“Ready, set, go!” I yell, fake the handoff to the first back, and gently place the ball in the second back’s hands. He runs for 7 yards.

Love of the game drives semipro football players

By , Globe Staff

Players like Pat Caruso, 53, speak of a reverence for a game that melds speed, violence, friendship, adrenaline, and a type of discipline that teaches lessons to live by off the field.

Football players are still game

By , Globe Staff

To understand the lure of playing in the NEFL, consider the sacrifice that players and coaches make. There is no pay, and players dole out up to $200 for the right to make the roster. Semi-weekly practices begin in the early spring, and the season stretches to the fall. Injuries are the norm, ranging from broken bones to blown-out knees. On game days, players often carpool to venues in Maine and Connecticut.

‘Logic says I don’t belong here.’

By , Globe Staff

I am pretending to run on a field filled with football players one-third of my age. I am supposed to be doing a lap or two, but after 20 yards my steps slow and before long I stand in the middle of the field and sigh.