Jenna Russell

A Globe reporter since 2000, Russell covered higher education for three years and spent three years as the paper’s roving regional reporter. In 2010, she worked on a series of stories about childhood bullying that won a Dart Award, for excellence in coverage of trauma, from Columbia Journalism School.

Latest stories

Alec Baldwin travels to Central Falls for library

By Jenna Russell , Globe Staff

Central Falls, R.I., and the A-list actor have found common ground in a quest to protect a public library.

Circus performers risk much to amaze us all

By Jenna Russell , Globe Staff

In the wake of a frightful accident in R.I., a visit with a traveling troupe hints at why this way of life remains a powerful draw.

Father of injured performer says he doesn’t blame circus

By Jenna Russell , Globe Staff

To the father of one of the injured young women — himself a lifelong circus performer — the risk of acrobatics has long been understood.

Survivor and rescuer complete Marathon together

By Jenna Russell , Globe Staff

Last year, Erin Chatham helped Heather Abbott as she was injured in the Marathon bombing. This year, they ran the final stretch together.