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David Scharfenberg

David Scharfenberg is an editorial writer and staff writer for the Globe’s Ideas section. He previously worked as a reporter in the Globe’s State House bureau. A graduate of Brown University, he has written for The New York Times and The Providence Journal and was a radio reporter at WBUR in Boston.

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Go vegetarian, cut carbon?

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Meat production does lead to methane and other emissions. But diet is a small portion of one’s carbon footprint, argues Bjorn Lomborg.


Nice Try: Emile Ratelband’s lawsuit for youth

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His doctor, he says, has told him that he has the body of a 40-something, and he’d like to have his whole life ahead of him.


Innovation of the Week: An artificially intelligent news anchor

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The AI anchor looks like an actual Xinhua presenter and will read any text punched into the system. But the voice is a little robotic.

Top Places to Work

As leadership styles lean kinder, how do bosses make unpopular decisions?

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For CEOs, being liked and making good decisions can be a tricky balance.