Kenneth Singletary

Kenneth Singletary has held a number of roles at newspapers in the United States and overseas, including editor, reporter, web producer, and videographer. He’s interested in any number of things, and the way journalism is changing fascinates him.

Latest stories

Heart-rending video shows emaciated polar bear, and it says, ‘what climate change looks like’

By , Globe Staff

A video by a wildlife photographer in Canada shows a thin, feeble polar bear desperately looking for food in human garbage.

President Trump is again criticizing CNN — and the network is tweeting back

By , Globe Staff

Trump tweeted that CNN doesn’t represent the United States in positive manner to a global audience. CNN tweeted that it isn’t its job to do that — it’s his.

You can drive a Tom Brady Signature Edition car — if you have lots of cash

By , Globe Staff

Aston Martin will sell a convertible for nearly $360,000 that features Tom Brady’s brand.

Trump tweets that reports about Putin meeting are ‘sick’

By , Globe Staff

President Trump responded on Twitter to reports that he had an undisclosed meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.