Sebastian Smee

Smee, an art critic for the Globe, was awarded the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism. He previously wrote for a number of publications in London and Sydney. Smee is the author of five books on Lucian Freud, and one on Matisse and Picasso.

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Art Review

McMullen show examines range of Roman influence

By , Globe Staff

“Roman in the Provinces,” a fascinating new show at the McMullen Museum of Art, examines the transmission of cultural ideas, customs, and artifacts among Rome and its disparate provinces.

The ticket: art

By , Globe Staff

Sebastian Smee’s picks for noteworthy museum exhibitions on view this week in Boston and the surrounding area.

Frame by Frame

Behind ‘Agbota,’ an artist’s irony and imagination

By , Globe Staff

The mask, a jerrican topped with a funky hairdo made from steel wire and plastic, is clever, charming, and full of meaning.

Art Review

Iranian artist Tanavoli in the spotlight at Davis Museum

By , Globe Staff

The Davis show on Parviz Tanavoli, an admired modernist, is one of a number of upcoming shows on Iranian artists around the Northeast.