Sebastian Smee

Smee, an art critic for the Globe, was awarded the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism. He previously wrote for a number of publications in London and Sydney. Smee is the author of five books on Lucian Freud, and one on Matisse and Picasso.

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Art Review

Another green world, visible at deCordova

By , Globe Staff

Growth, change, mutation, and more figure into a timely, wide-ranging exhibition at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln.

Changing the modern-art game: Have you seen what they’ve done in San Francisco?

By , Globe Staff

It’s easy to build a bigger museum, far harder to occupy it meaningfully, but the revamped San Francisco Museum of Modern Art achieves both brilliantly.

Frame by Frame

Delicacy, subtlety mark ‘Possibly Fath Khan, Son of Malik Ambar’

By , Globe Staff

Sons of slaves are not often accorded the loving treatment bestowed on the man in this early-17th-century Indian painting at the Museum of Fine Arts.

The ticket: Art

By , Globe Staff

Sebastian Smee’s picks for noteworthy art exhibitions on view this week in Boston and the surrounding area.