Farah Stockman

Stockman is a writer for the Globe’s editorial board and writes a weekly bylined column. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College and lived in Kenya and Tanzania, writing as a freelancer for the New York Times, National Public Radio and the Christian Science Monitor. She served as the Globe’s chief foreign policy reporter in Washington, D.C., for seven years. Stockman has won numerous awards, including the Scripps Howard Foundation national journalism award.

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Farah Stockman | Boston after busing

In schools, can separate be equal?

By , Globe Staff

Integration alone doesn’t produce a quality education, and it can’t be our only strategy for academic success.

farah stockman

My friend is dead. Why isn’t gun control part of the Black Lives Matter platform?

By , Globe Staff

Even though he wasn’t shot by a police officer, Carey Gabay’s black life matters, too.

farah stockman

An issue where Israelis, Palestinians do agree

By , Globe Staff

Both sides have lost faith in the ability of American diplomats to broker peace.

farah stockman | boston after busing

What a small Boston police unit can teach us about changing culture

By , Globe Staff

In the aftermath of the city’s busing crisis, the Community Disorders Unit was established to stem the tide of racially motivated crimes.