John Tlumacki

A staff photographer for 30 years, Tlumacki was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in photography for his coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall. His assignments have included war refugees in Uganda, three winter Olympics, to surveillance photos of corrupt public servants.

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Marshfield officials assessing damage from blizzard

By Laura Crimaldi and , Globe Staff

Flooding in Marshfield prompted a 50-year resident to say, “This is definitely the worst I’ve been through.”

Return to bombing site eases sadness of Globe photographer John Tlumacki

By , Globe Staff

John Tlumacki captured harrowing photographs at the bombing site a year ago.

Former drug lab chemist arrested, actions detailed

By , , and , Globe Staff

Annie Dookhan sprinkled real cocaine in with a non-drug substance in order to make tests turn out positive, a prosecutor said in court at Dookhan’s arraignment.

Parish center in Plymouth church targeted by arsonist

By and , Globe Staff

Firefighters battled at least two fires that were set early Tuesday inside an office at the parish center for St. Bonaventure’s Parish in Plymouth.