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Lane Turner

Turner is a features picture editor. He is one of the editors of The Big Picture, edits the Big Shots sports photographer blog, and produces video projects, all for He has been a staff photographer at the Globe since 1989.

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Step inside the oldest cars still operating on the MBTA

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The historic Mattapan trolleys were designed during the Great Depression and travel a short, unusual route.

Rosh Hashanah marks start of new Jewish year

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The event outside Newton City Hall focused on the rededication to making better choices.

Unity Rallies for France terror victims

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A crowd estimated to be between one to three million people marched in Paris to remember the victims of a series of terror attacks which claimed the lives of 17 people. The Paris march was said to rival crowds that turned out for the liberation of France after WWII. Other rallies throughout France drew massive crowds as well.


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A portrait often pauses events and allows viewers to look into the eyes of the participants. Candid moments are usually how stories are told, but sometimes the interaction between photographer and subject tells its own story. Like a movie character who breaks the fourth wall, a portrait can arrest our gaze when we’re otherwise focused on narrative, forcing us to consider an individual. Collected here is a celebration of that special genre of photojournalism, the portrait.