Adam Vaccaro

Adam Vaccaro covers transportation, infrastructure, and commuter issues for the Globe. Adam commutes mostly by bike and subway, though he shares a car with his wife. A native of Massachusetts, he has previously written for, Inc. magazine, and the Patriot Ledger.

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MBTA general manager Luis Ramirez is out after just 15 months

By , Globe Staff

The switch will mark the fifth leadership change at the T under Governor Charlie Baker.

The MBTA’s weekend commuter rail discount went well. But now it’s over

By , Globe Staff

A $10 weekend pass led to more revenue on the commuter rail, but officials have been forced to pause the program.

Did removing a toll plaza ruin East Boston’s roads?

By , Globe Staff

You know things have gotten pretty bad on the roads when motorists are nostalgic for a toll booth. But the problems in Eastie may have more to do with massive spikes in traffic.

Starts and Stops

MBTA wrapping up weekend commuter rail discount

By , Globe Staff

About 180,000 of the $10 all-weekend fares were sold during a six-month test.