Adam Vaccaro

Adam Vaccaro covers transportation, infrastructure, and commuter issues for the Globe. Adam commutes mostly by bike and subway, though he shares a car with his wife. A native of Massachusetts, he has previously written for, Inc. magazine, and the Patriot Ledger.

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Balanced budgets and crumbling garages are a sign of the times at the T

By , Globe Staff

The MBTA reported a balanced budget for the first time in years, but at least some of its facilities are a mess.

MBTA closes Alewife parking garage for weekend due to safety concerns

By and , Globe Staff

In late 2017, a T consultant rated the condition of multiple parts of the garage as risking “imminent failure” and recommended “immediate corrective action.”

New York is limiting Uber. Boston won’t. Here’s why

By , Globe Staff

Don’t expect Boston to follow New York City’s aggressive clamp-down on Uber and Lyft.

Another day of limited parking at Alewife T station after concrete fell on car

By , Globe Staff

About 500 spots will be off limits as the T continues to make “spot repairs” to the garage.