Matt Viser

Viser is a reporter in the Washington bureau, currently covering the White House and national politics. He covered the 2012 presidential election, closely following Republican nominee Mitt Romney, and also has covered Congress and the Massachusetts delegation. A graduate of the University of North Carolina, he has been at the Globe since 2004 and previously reported for the State House bureau, the City Hall bureau, and Globe West.

Latest stories

Obama holds to weekly radio tradition

By Matt Viser , Globe Staff

In nostalgic defiance of today’s hyper-drive news cycle, President Obama has continued a tradition evocative of the fireside chats.

Warren takes populist message to GOP-dominant South

By Matt Viser , Globe Staff

Elizabeth Warren has backed Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell’s Democratic opponent.

Kerry departs Iraq as uncertainties remain

By Matt Viser , Globe Staff

After a flurry of meetings with members of Iraq’s political and sectarian factions, deep uncertainties remain about the nation’s future.

John Kerry wins a vow from leaders in Iraq

By Matt Viser , Globe Staff

The secretary of state said he was assured by the nation’s political leaders that they would begin working to form a broader government.