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Matt Viser

Viser is a reporter in the Washington bureau, covering the White House and national politics. He covered the 2012 presidential election, closely following Republican nominee Mitt Romney, and also has covered Congress and the Massachusetts delegation. He also writes about coffee on the Globe’s Double Shot page. A graduate of the University of North Carolina, he has been at the Globe since 2004 and previously reported for the State House bureau, the City Hall bureau, and Globe West.

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Political oratory takes center stage at conventions

By , Globe Staff

Political conventions are delivering a mid-summer feast of speeches in an era of cable TV sound bytes and 140-character attacks.

Cleveland convention bounce uncertain as Trump revisits Cruz feud

By , Globe Staff

Donald Trump, hours after accepting the GOP nomination for president, rehashed old primary race controversies.

By , Globe Staff

CLEVELAND — Donald Trump, in the most important speech of his presidential campaign, Thursday night outlined a dark view of the current state of the country, blaming the political class for not standing up for “forgotten” average Americans — and making the case that he alone holds the solution to middle-class ills.

Trump vows to be a voice for ‘forgotten’ Americans

By , Globe Staff

As he accepted the Republican Party’s nomination, Donald Trump promised a safer nation and declared that he alone holds the solution to middle-class ills.