Matt Viser

Viser is a reporter in the Washington bureau, covering the White House and national politics. He covered the 2012 presidential election, closely following Republican nominee Mitt Romney, and also has covered Congress and the Massachusetts delegation. He also write about coffee on the Globe’s Double Shot page. A graduate of the University of North Carolina, he has been at the Globe since 2004 and previously reported for the State House bureau, the City Hall bureau, and Globe West.

Latest stories

My Morning Cup

Governor Michael Dukakis

By , Globe Staff

My Morning Cup features the coffee rituals that most of us have. Here, Dukakis shares his coffee drinking habits.

Double Shot

A cup of Joe Biden

By , Globe Staff

All you need to know about the differences, in personality and temperament, between Joe Biden and Barack Obama is this: Biden drinks coffee, Obama drinks tea.

double shot

Meet BC’s coffee crew

By , Globe Staff

A group of Boston College football players went on a mission: See as many coffee shops as they can.

my morning cup

How does Nathan Sigel take his coffee?

By , Globe Staff

“My most memorable cup of coffee was when I was in Peru with my family. The coffee is made from coffee beans in the feces from a civet cat.”