Todd Wallack

Todd Wallack is an investigative reporter and data journalist on the Globe’s Spotlight team. He won national awards for his work on public records in 2016 and has been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize three times.

Prior to joining the Globe in 2007, he worked for the San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Herald, and other publications. He graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

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Spotlight Follow-up

County commissioner, Quincy official avoid charges at confidential court hearings

By and , Globe Staff

A Plymouth county commissioner and a prominent Quincy city employee avoided criminal charges in private court hearings over the past several months.

Globe sues for records from thousands of closed-door hearings in state’s ‘secret courts’

By , Globe Staff

Massachusetts is the only state in the country where court officials routinely hold secret hearings to decide whether to charge adults with crimes. About half the time, clerks drop the charges without public explanation.

How the Spotlight Team got inside Massachusetts’ secret court system

By and , Globe Staff

There’s an obvious obstacle to reporting on the inner workings of Massachusetts’ “secret court” system: It’s secret.

Spotlight: Inside the secret courts

Behind closed doors, justice sometimes takes a back seat to who you are and where you go

By , and , Globe Staff

In the darkest corner of Massachusetts’ justice system, criminal charges often disappear without a trace. There are few rules in these private hearings and fewer records. They are a place where who you are — and who you know — may be just as important as right and wrong.