Robert Weisman

Robert Weisman reports on Baby Boomers -- their work, health, money, and lifestyle -- and life after 50. He is particularly interested in retirement and reinvention, aging, and second acts. In his 18 years at The Globe, Weisman has previously worked as a technology editor and a business writer covering high-tech and venture capital, aerospace, management issues, hospitals, health insurance, and life sciences. Before coming to The Globe, he was a business editor and writer for the Seattle Times, Hartford Courant, and New Haven Register. He is a native of Norwich, Conn., and a graduate of Boston University.

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Park chief’s bird’s-eye view frames the job

By , Globe Staff

The Friends of Post Office Square’s general manager, Pam Messenger, keeps a close watch on a downtown oasis.

Longevity scientists launch academy to raise profile of life-extending research

By , Globe Staff

Among the goals of the group, called the Academy for Health and Lifespan Research, are to share findings and lobby governments in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere to increase funding and create pathways to approve age-slowing therapies.

Question for Democrats: Are some candidates too old?

By , Globe Staff

A growing movement of older Americans bristles at the notion that gray hair is a deficit.

Drug costs plague seniors, but legislative relief may be elusive

By , Globe Staff

In the face of industry opposition and divided government, older Americans may have to wait till after the next election for relief.