Robert Weisman

Robert Weisman reports on Baby Boomers -- their work, health, money, and lifestyle -- and life after 50. He is particularly interested in retirement and reinvention, aging, and second acts. In his 18 years at The Globe, Weisman has previously worked as a technology editor and a business writer covering high-tech and venture capital, aerospace, management issues, hospitals, health insurance, and life sciences. Before coming to The Globe, he was a business editor and writer for the Seattle Times, Hartford Courant, and New Haven Register. He is a native of Norwich, Conn., and a graduate of Boston University.

Latest stories

With legal pot sales coming, baby boomers are ready to resume the party

By , Globe Staff

For some, the coming of legal pot sales means an opportunity to resume a long-lost lifestyle.

If you’re over 65, here’s one of the best-kept secrets in Mass.

By , Globe Staff

Massachusetts allows cash-strapped homeowners over age 65 to defer paying property taxes, a way to stay in their homes amid rising tax bills.

Rebranding the senior center: Cities and towns embrace boomers, multigenerational programs

By , Globe Staff

Some are adding more “intergenerational” activities, while others are organizing hikes and canoe trips to draw baby boomers.

End-of-life software has a problem: Users who don’t want to think about it

By , Globe Staff

Companies that make end-of-life software face a significant hurdle: Many baby boomers aren’t planning to die, or at least it’s something they don’t want to contemplate.