Joanna Weiss

Weiss writes an Op-Ed column about culture, politics, and society that appears in the Globe on Tuesdays and Sundays. She previously covered politics and TV for the Globe. She is author of the novel “Milkshake,” about the politics of breastfeeding.

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Finding stories that need to be told

By , Globe Columnist

“News is conflict.” It was my first, best journalism lesson, something I’ve shared with every aspiring reporter I’ve met in the years since.

joanna weiss

Calling a truce in the math wars

By ,

If parents want their kids to deal with learning challenges like new math, they have to change their concept of homework.


How to stop Donald Trump? A lesson from Louisiana

By , Globe Columnist

In 1991, establishment Republicans and Democrats banded together to defeat a gubernatorial candidate named David Duke.


My dear, you will love ‘Star Wars’ because I said so

By , Globe Columnist

Here’s the tragedy of modern parenting: It’s a lot harder now to impose culture by force.