Editor of the Spotlight team

Patricia Wen

Patricia Wen is the editor of the Spotlight Team, the Globe’s investigative unit that includes six reporters. She took over in 2017 after having previously worked as a reporter on the team more than two decades ago.

Over the years, Wen has specialized in covering social service, legal and medical issues. She has been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize three times – in 2004 for feature writing, in 2013 as part of a team for national reporting, and in 2018 as Spotlight editor overseeing a seven-part series on race issues in Boston. Wen has also twice won the Casey Medal for coverage of children and family issues, each time in the category of major projects in large publications.

Before joining the Globe, she worked at The Star-Ledger in Newark, NJ and The Advocate in Stamford, CT. A native of East Lansing, Michigan and a Harvard graduate, she is married with three children.

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Behind the scenes

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