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With schools and daycares closed, it’s sometimes older siblings who are watching young children

It’s a common scenario affecting countless teenagers across the city and state, as more parents juggle a full schedule with limited childcare support. And with schools and daycare centers now closed this academic year, child care responsibilities will play a determining role in which students can forge full speed ahead virtually, and which ones fall behind.


‘To mend wounds ... unattended:’ A gifted young poet finds her voice in the pandemic

Only six months have gone by since a persistent chorus of teachers and friends hounded Alondra Bobadilla into applying to become Boston's first youth poet laureate. She didn’t think she had a chance of winning, and just the thought of it was terrifying: How could she ever find the courage to stand up and be vulnerable in front of her whole city?


What might have been on the field of dreams

The coronavirus costs high school baseball stars their chance to impress college coaches.


For high school seniors with disabilities, school closures can feel like walking off a cliff

For high school seniors across the country, school closures have brought unique angst and logistical hurdles. But for graduates with disabilities, who often attend public schools into their 20s, the impending transition will be especially stressful.


Working at a nursing home in a time of unprecedented peril

As much of the city shelters in place, staying home is not an option for 20-year-old Manuel Coronado. He is the sole wage earner in his small Boston household comprising himself and his grandmother. But his job, which he loves, could put his grandmother at risk: Manuel serves meals in a local nursing home 25 to 35 hours per week.


Online, but off-kilter: A day in the life of a Boston sixth-grader

Malaki Solo is one of more than 50,000 students in Boston studying at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Without enough to do, the 12-year-old spends much of his time bored inside his small Dorchester apartment.