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MGH’s ‘R’-word problem

Mass General demonstrates a deep ignorance of and utter disregard for people with intellectual disabilities that undermines all the good that the hospital otherwise does.


What makes David Sabatini think he deserves a second chance after his #MeToo downfall?

He still doesn’t get the impact on anyone’s life beyond his own. “My life was 100 percent destroyed,” he told the Globe.


Tyre Nichols and America’s systemic failure

Proposed reforms at the federal level would not have saved the life of Tyre Nichols. Only the fundamental transformation of systems of punishment that have been normalized in American society and culture can do that.


Tyre Nichols and the culture of toxic policing

How can municipalities restructure police departments, hold officers responsible for abuses, remove unfit officers, and recruit competent officers?


When it comes to Twitter, Supreme Court is tying itself into knots

The court buys time on challenges to laws in Texas and Florida seeking to impose state-level control over Twitter’s content moderation practices. But the court can’t avoid this issue forever.


Ron DeSantis’s fear of American history

The Florida governor knows that if students learn about this nation’s truth, they’ll fight against tyrants like him.


As its 50th anniversary looms, Roe v. Wade still matters

The decision that articulated a constitutional right to abortion meant different things to different people — a quality that holds even now that the ruling has been overturned.


How much does Mayor Wu believe in MLK’s commitment to civil disobedience?

Her first reaction to protesters is to have them arrested.