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Mass. responds to probation challenges with a different approach

The Massachusetts Probation Service is oriented toward keeping people in treatment in the community, using graduated sanctions and incentives to improve compliance with supervision and avoid incarceration.


Thomas Jefferson might like a word with today’s Supreme Court justices

He understood the intent of the Founding Fathers.


Why is it OK to use electric shock on people with disabilities?

Does the Globe think that the 50 current individuals subject to electric shock at JRC are the only severely self-injurious people in the entire country, since JRC is the only place in the United States that utilizes this treatment?


When FIFA brings the World Cup to Boston, it must commit to workers’ rights

Boston’s plan must include labor protections that account for the unique challenges faced by migrant workers, such as improvements to recruitment practices and access to justice.


The march on Washington — then and now

I was a young girl at the first march. I could not have imagined that even more would be at stake 60 years later.


Corporate America is on notice: Discriminating by race is illegal

Harvard cannot employ racial preferences — and the Fortune 100 can’t either.


Another brick in the wall blocking abortion access

The Supreme Court stayed a ruling that would reduce access to abortion pills, but a conservative judge has shifted the terms of the legal debate.


Don’t call them ‘mistakes.’ Unjustified police encounters are acts of anti-Black terror.

"Wrong place, wrong time," officers say. But is there ever a "right place, right time" for Black people in America?