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UN climate talks are in need of a fix

A process that lets a problem grow into an emergency on its watch is not doing its job.


Giving consumers a choice when buying their electricity

Massachusetts should fix rather than nix the residential retail program.


Gen Z takes a seat — and sets the table — at COP28

The climate change challenge has largely fallen to us, caused by prior generations through a lack of environmental regulations and industrial expansion, leading to an exponential increase in greenhouse gas emissions.


Climate education should be taught in schools

And not just in science but woven across all subjects because climate change involves so much more than science.


The world is setting climate records — this is not a good thing

We need to focus on this crisis as if we were on a sinking ship. This is our "all hands on deck" moment.


How the home insurance industry can ensure climate-resilient policies

Massachusetts can lead the country by promoting a bold approach to climate disaster insurance.


Insurers are making the world uninsurable and unlivable

Insurers are slow to adopt policies to restrict financing for new oil and gas facilities.


To meet climate goals, it’s all about making the transition

The shift away from fossil fuels will require a careful transition, but this is not an excuse for inaction.