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Droughts aren’t a ‘new normal,’ they’ll worsen unless we address the climate crisis

Human-caused climate change is fueling rising temperatures and worsening droughts across the nation. Does this mean Massachusetts will look more like the West?


Así es vivir en una sequía: Ya no podemos contar con agua corriente todos los días

A veces solo hay agua por las mañanas, otras veces hay agua todo el día, pero a veces pueden pasar dos, tres y hasta cuatro días sin agua. Esta es mi experiencia, pero hay personas que han tenido que pasar hasta un mes sin agua en sus casas.


This is what it’s like to live in a drought: We can no longer count on running water every day

Sometimes there is water only in the mornings, other times there is water all day, but sometimes two, three, four days can pass without water. This has been my experience, but there are people who have had to go up to a month without water in their homes.


Congress is plagued by hyperpartisanship even on matters popular with the public

Is it possible the GOP could begin to play a constructive role on health and climate change?


The eyes of climate change history are on Biden

The president has an opportunity to take the fundamental step on climate change that eluded all past leaders, and he can start by taxing carbon emissions.


The battle for Ukraine — and global food security

22 million tons of grains are trapped in the country’s silos. Even with an agreement to ease a blockade on exports, the ability of some of the world’s poorest nations to feed their people remains in peril.


How Biden can act immediately on climate change

Biden’s climate credibility will be judged on whether his administration refrains from issuing permits for new fossil fuel projects and strongly enforces existing regulations to limit pollution.


How we can save the monarch butterfly

We can recover the monarch through concerted actions, as we have done with other endangered species such as the bald eagle.