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Envisioning Boston’s future with a blue-sky mind-set

Readers responded to our selection of visions for the city as well as to our survey asking for what they'd like to see.


Our bonus years: in other words, more time to be fully engaged

There are too many "bonus years" adults who look at the many inspiring things younger people are doing to save the world and use that as an excuse to sit back and watch.


Classical music, for your consideration, in our own backyard

Two recent Globe commentaries on classical music struck a resounding chord with readers, who had their own views to share on the subject.


How Americans can sponsor refugees — and why they should

At its heart, America is a land of welcome. The beauty of this new program is that it gives Americans the opportunity to further this fundamental national moral value.


Gen Z is coming for corporate-speak

No one will miss "let’s circle back" or "synergy." Since we’re on a roll, could younger speakers also finally end the uptalking?


A new domestic violence prevention hotline — for abusers

Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to offer such a service. Proof that it’s needed? Calls are coming in from around the country — and the world.


A thousand words

The image because it manages to be both historic and timeless and both abstract and concrete.


The citizenship test — hint: It’s about a lot more than just voting

It is reasonable to understand participation can take many forms, including protest and dissent. Demanding full membership by these means is a form of participation in civic life.