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People attend the "NO FEAR: Rally in Solidarity with the Jewish People" event in Washington on July 11, 2021.

Readers reflect on the sting of sudden bigotry

Scot Lehigh’s column on antisemitism is important for the times we’re living in, when so much hatred toward the "other" has been unleashed.


A robot weeding my garden? That does not compute

Weeding gets one closer to the varied wonders of nature, from dirt to daffodils. It encourages getting to the root of problems.


Gen Z’s search for authentic news is not same as clout chasing

We are skeptical about the news we consume, but only to gain a well-rounded perspective on complicated issues.


OK, no ‘love letters’ from home buyers, but how about poison pen?

My wife and I want to thank you for allowing us to bid 20 percent over your asking price for a house that we believe is overvalued by at least 30 percent.

A paratrooper of A Co., 101st Airborne Division, guides a medical evacuation helicopter into a gap in the foliage to pick up casualties who were wounded during a patrol into North Vietnamese-controlled territory west of Hue in Vietnam in 1968.

A day to honor Vietnam veterans

I don’t know whether any of us is looking for parades or applause so much as simply the recognition that we served as honorably as anyone else.

An image of 3 different editions of the Globe's front page each with a different headline related to the outcome of the Gore vs. Bush election.

The paper marks its 150th year

My first introduction to your paper was in April 1945. The newspaper was sitting on the floor of our house, and the headline informed us that President Roosevelt had died.

Passersby are reflected in the window of a closed Starbucks on State Street in Boston on Aug. 9, 2021.

Boston’s small businesses have waited long enough. Get back to the office.

The larger companies in our neighborhood continue to encourage their employees to work from home or, at best, come into the office on a limited schedule, despite the success of the vaccines and the improving benchmarks.

Kamila Valieva, of the Russian Olympic Committee, falls in the women's free skate program during competition at the 2022 Winter Olympics on Feb. 17 in Beijing.

Winter Olympics stagger to a close

The Olympics have been dying a slow death for decades since professionals were allowed into the arena. This year’s production, with its blatant rules-bending, has assured that my children and many others will never again watch.