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Multiracial democracy is under threat at the US Supreme Court

States and localities would have free rein to design rules that on the surface look “race neutral” but really are thinly disguised pretexts for discriminating against minority voters.


It’s a moment to praise Mitch McConnell

The Senate Republican leader has thrown his support behind the effort to update the Electoral Count Act of 1887 — and that makes passage of those essential reforms much more likely.


My local polling station has become a hostile environment

Increasing numbers of allegations of voter fraud and outbursts from angry and uninformed voters have me wondering whether I will continue to work at the polls on election day.


Civic engagement: sounds great in theory, but ...

Surely having the skills to actively engage can be used for any ends. After all, most autocrats rose to power using their skills to actively engage in their communities and government.


How to rewrite a constitution

Is it possible to lay the groundwork for sweeping change while respecting continuity and consensus? Chile’s president intends to find out.


Congress sued to block Trump’s illegal spending. Now it should sue to block Biden’s.

Wiping out student loans, like building a border wall, requires congressional approval.


MAGA and Biden’s charge of semi-fascism

Does the accusation fit Trump’s nationalist movement?


Judge dignifies Trump’s claim of executive privilege

Donald Trump tried to delegitimize the legal process at all levels. Sadly, Judge Aileen Cannon’s decision played into that narrative.