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America’s crisis of democracy has already arrived

There’s next to nothing that voters can do about it.


Reading the tea leaves about the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago

Something so unprecedented needs both a legally and a politically persuasive justification.


What happened at Mar-a-Lago is good for democracy

While Donald Trump claimed that the FBI searching his home was a sign of America’s decline, it was actually quite the opposite.


Any prosecution of Donald Trump must be viewed as warranted, above board, and nonpolitical

Leftist discontent notwithstanding, Attorney General Merrick Garland is the right man for the job.


Presidents have always been above the law. AG Merrick Garland must change that.

Presidents of the United States who have been accused of unlawfulness or even criminality have never been held accountable. It’s the precedent Trump counted on when he incited and refused to stop the insurrection. And it is exactly why Garland cannot miss.


What about those ‘Trump-lite GOP governor hopefuls’?

We have to take them at their word.


Trump’s base will not abandon its modern-day Lost Cause

The former president embodies white supremacy. History proves that’s enough to sustain his supporters’ loyalty.


Safeguarding the electoral count before it’s too late

Bipartisan bill aims to update 1887 law and protect the vote count from would-be demagogues.