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Déjà vu all over again for the Boston Public Schools

At Wednesday’s public meeting, Boston School Committee Chairwoman Jeri Robinson offered what seemed to be an unscripted reflection on the sorry state of affairs in the district.


‘What did you learn in school today?’ (asking for a political stakeholder)

Those who are calling for "parents’ rights" are doing nothing of the sort; rather, they are fighting for the right of a small group of people to impose their views on others.


How to get the most out of college — and save liberal democracy

Classic campus liberalism opened doors for me, a working-class kid. But that approach is under attack today.


Seniority policies are holding back teacher diversity efforts

To say that the racial and ethnic makeup of the Massachusetts teacher population is already out of step with the student body would be an understatement.


What makes a good student?

Learning how to walk on their own feet, embracing action, and trying out new ideas — these are the tasks of the self-reliant student.


A college campus is the last place that should promote a culture of intolerance

This is the antithesis of a healthy collegiate environment and characterizes a powerful danger to both democracy and discourse.


Student athletics, the other college admission inequity

Athletic recruiting in America is not an equal opportunity game — it’s pay-to-play. There is gross inequity in the system that produces college-bound athletes, and it often prices out families that cannot afford it.


The algorithm vs. the syllabus

Outside the classroom, students are fed content they’re sure to like. Inside the classroom, professors can nurture an analog culture of resistance.