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Taylor Swift never bores her fans — never ever, ever, ever

Here we are, 18 years later, and Swift’s fans are hardly bored by her. If anything, their devotion seems more intense than ever. Why is that?


Will Harvard ever get another professor like Harvey Mansfield?

A steadfast conservative, he taught at the university for 61 years and became an outlier as the school’s culture changed all around him.


As antisemitism spikes in US, Presidents’ Day reminds us of our nation’s values

A Jew, George Washington proclaimed, would be able to “sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree … [with] none to make him afraid.”


Biden has done much to relieve student debt, but he can do more

He needs to cancel even more student debt.


Why the Newton teachers went out on strike

This contract could have been — and should have been — settled without a strike. But it seemed more important to the mayor and the school committee to hold firm on budget parameters and punitive working conditions that would never be suitable to settle a fair contract.


I wrote a definition of antisemitism. It was never meant to chill free speech on campus.

Anyone who cares about education should be focusing on not only how to respond in the moment but how we can work collaboratively to build a better campus for the future.


Why is it so hard for low-income students to apply to college?

Colleges — and the education bureaucracy that purports to support them — need to get back to basics.


How universities can restore free speech and constructive conversations

Concerns over the unmooring of free speech, academic freedom, and ideological diversity on campus can only be addressed through campuswide transformation.